APOLLO Root Cause Analysis

Conducted by Our World Renowned Trainer with 25+ years of experience

Course Overview:

In every human endeavor, the ability to solve problems effectively is fundamental to one’s success. Unfortunately, only about 20% of the populations are effective problem solvers. In industries with high performing culture, this number jumps to about 30%, which still leaves 70% of our workers in the fog when it comes to effective problem solving. If your job does not involve solving problems, this is not an issue. But which job does not involve problem solving or decision making, daily? With self-directed work teams, and other management strategies to move the decision making process lower in the organization, effective problem solving has become must for many employees. Without the knowledge, tools and methodology necessary to find effective solutions to daily work problems, employees are being set up to fail.

Solving day-to-day problems is an extremely simple process. Day-to-day problems start out with a Primary Effect of consequence and ends with an Effective Solution which we act upon to accomplish our goals. To ensure we have an Effective Solution, we must know the Cause and Effect relationship that exists between our problem and our solutions. By first defining the problem and then concentrating on evidence based causes, ARCA™ methodology opens up communications and replaces opinion based arguments with clear (common reality) cause and effect relationships using RealityCharting® software or through simple visual like posted notes. ARCA™ removes the hidden agendas, the power players, and most importantly the blame placers and helps place solutions on causes. Workshop will enforce the concept that RCA is a team-based event and it is critical to include in the analysis a cross functional team. And most importantly it enforces that we are trying to seek effective solutions not placing blame to help prevent reoccurring problems.

Benefits of Attending
Delegates will learn how to:
  • Avoid ineffective problem-solving.
  • Differentiate between Issue Resolution & Issue Elimination and Prevention.
  • Clearly define any Problem.
  • Develop a Cause & Effect Chart using:
    • RealityCharting® software or
    • Paper, Sticky Notes and Pen.
  • Identify Effective Solutions.
  • Gather evidence or data to support their analysis.
  • Develop and Implement an Action Plan.
  • Facilitate an RCA team.
Who Should Attend?
Executives, Continuous Improvement Leaders, Managers, RCA Leaders, Practitioners
  • Not limited to shop floor personal, engineers, technicians, or mechanics, facilitators, and incident investigators.
  • Applies to all functions, disciplines and organizations.
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