20 - 22 November 2019

Conducted by Our world Renowned Expert Trainer with 30 + years of Experience in Employee Training & Development

Course Overview:

Leadership is an art – one that can get results.
Modern management has worked hard to develop skills that are essential for managing businesses and organizations. Areas such as finance, analysis, project management, HRM etc are all essential to achieving business ends. But that is not all that is required. In today’s global economy, managers also need to be able to lead.

Leadership is an art, where the leaders build their own approach based on the situations and people they find, an understanding of their personalities, motivations, skills and experiences, ways to communicate and motivate them and techniques to help them get the most from situations in which they find themselves. In short, a range of the softer skills to complement the hard-edged business ones. A combination of both is a powerful one. Whether you are an executive trying to enhance your organization or an experienced manager, you'll be empowered with new skills and a contemporary perspective on leadership from our Leadership That Gets Results Course. The course is linked to ILM certification, which means you will be following many hundreds of thousands of graduates from such programmes in advancing your career.

It's your chance to become a better leader, through a combination of personal learning, lively interactive workshops and personal executive coaching.

  • Understand the importance of innovation and change
  • Understand how to apply techniques to make positive changes in your organization
  • Enable you to become a more effective leader, of people and of change, and produce measurable results

Attending Leadership That Gets Results will give you an insight into the kind of leader you are, ways in which you can use that knowledge to get the most from your people and practical tools to apply, through your people, to make them perform in ways you may not have thought possible. You will be able to apply a range of leadership styles, understand how emotions play a vital part in getting the most from your people, set direction, motivate, delegate and empower, all to the good of yourself and your organization. You will understand the importance of innovation and change and understand how to apply techniques to make positive changes in your organization. All this will enable you to become a more effective leader, of people and of change, and produce measurable results, in terms of organizational impact and your own professional progression.


From general and functional positions

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