Andrew Bissett

11 - 13 Mar 2019 | Johannesburg, South Africa

A 3 Day Training Course
Internal Audit: Fraud & Forensic Auditing and Risk Management Excellence 2019

The variety and complexity of risks facing today’s organisations is increasing, due in part to emerging technologies, globalization, and increased compliance obligations. How can Business Leaders and more importantly those responsible for assurance activities ensure that they have an adequate understanding of these growing risks? How can they ensure that these risks are carefully considered and that “somebody” in the organisation is looking at these risk areas?

Through real-world case studies, this 3 day program will explore the many ways that strategies and organisations can fail, and how to recognise and avoid these risks. Participants will learn the elements for linking audit activities to the organisation’s objectives and key risks, with in depth analysis of fraud and using forensic accounting to drive better business outcomes. Organisations need to anticipate, prioritise, mitigate, and manage the threats to their organisation, ranging from possible failures in compliance, fraud and internal controls to risks emanating from strategy to risks caused by external and often uncontrollable events.

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Andrew Bissett is one of the world’s leading Chief Audit Executives having been the Global Head of Internal Audit, Group Risk and Reporting for Qantas Airways, one of the world’s leading airline companies and Head of Audit and Fraud for one of Asia’s largest Retail. He has extensive governance, risk and audit experience in banking, aviation, oil and gas, energy, government, telecommunications and financial services, and professional services during which time he has reported directly to Board Committee, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer levels for 25+ years. He has worked with some of the world and the Asian region’s largest brands including: Woolworths Limited, Tabcorp Holdings, Qantas Airways, Deloitte, and E&Y.

Professionally, Andrew now runs his own global governance, risk management and audit consultancy; has assisted a number of organizations to transform their Risk and Assurance functions, with a focus on articulating the risk and assurance strategy to ensure that it aligns with the organization’s strategy and then enabling people, process and technology to position the risk and assurance function to deliver value to the organisation. He has led highly rated public seminars & in-house programs across Africa, Asia Pacific & Middle East. Some of African countries where he has led the Courses are Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi & South Africa. Blending theory, practical advice and in-depth solid expertise, his ability to educate market players on how to identify and control fraud risks is unsurpassed.



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